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There is nothing more important than the good health of you and your loved ones. Cash plans are a sensible alternative or enhancement to Private Medical Insurance and are relatively low cost

Health Cash Plan

Provide your employees with real value cash benefits towards everyday healthcare needs.

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What is a Health Cash Plan?

A Health Cash Plan is a simple and affordable way to provide your employees with cash benefits towards their everyday healthcare needs. Depending on the level of cover, it can help cover costs towards thing like opticians or dentist appointments, prescriptions and even physiotherapy.

The cover will provide employees with a cash pot to be able to claim back from on what they have spent.

What is included within a Health Cash Plan?

This type of policy allows employees to obtain fast diagnostics as providers include cover for private consultations and often diagnostic tests.

The plan allows employees the opportunity to obtain financial and legal advice and will always include a 24 hour GP helpline and mental health helpline, with face to face Cognitive Behavioural Therapy offered if needed.

Policies include an Employee Assistance Program which helps employers to adhere to their duty of care.

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What does a Health Cash Plan cover?

The Health Cash Plan like any other type of cover can vary from provider to provider, however the basics remain the same. What will be included depends on your policy and the tier you choose. For example, a first tier might only offer £100 towards dental treatment whereas a higher tier could offer £250. You get choose which tier your employees are on.

The most common areas a policy covers include:

  • Dental cover
    Anything from a check up to fillings etc
  • Optical cover
    Check ups, glasses and contact lenses
  • Prescription cover
    Covers a set number of prescription fees.
  • Physiotherapy
    for employees to use as they see fit.

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The general route to making a claim is:

  • Book an eligible treatment as listed in your policy documents.
  • Pay for your appointment as normal, remembering to collect a receipt detailing the exact treatment you’ve had and the person / practice who provided the treatment.
  • Submit your claim with the insurer, whether online, or physical form.
  • The insurer then pays the agreed cash amount towards the treatment directly into your bank account, usually within 4-7 working days after receiving the claims form.

The type of treatments and appointments the health cash plan covers is not impacted by pre-existing conditions, for example, if you already wear glasses and need to have a routine check up to test your eyesight, you would be able to make a claim for this (level of cover depends on the insurance provider).

Pre-existing conditions like chronic back pain are also eligible for cover under a Health Cash Plan as there is no underwriting involved.

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Are there any added benefits for large corporates?

Health Cash Plan’s for large corporate businesses are an extremely cost effective way of providing cash benefits and EAP as the cost per person will come down as the number of members increase.

The added benefits included in the EAP will provide support to HR departments as employees will have clear and defined routes for obtaining support depending on their needs.

What are the employer benefits to having a Health Cash Plan?

There are a number of benefits for companies offering a Health Cash Plan, these include:

  • Access to the Employee Assistance Programme which helps support your duty of care to your staff.
  • Better access to healthcare may help reduce sickness absence.
  • Increases the appeal of your business and helps to retain good staff.
  • Provides an affordable way for employees to get the treatment they need as soon as they need it, which can also impact the number of absence days taken.

What are the employee benefits to a Health Cash Plan?

  • Cover for their dental costs
    The British Dental Association conducted research and revealed that almost 20% of dental patients in the UK had delayed seeking dental health care and treatment due to the cost.
  • Cover for optician appointments
    A joint report from Specsavers and the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) found 25% of UK adults aren’t having an eye test at the recommended interval of every 2 years. 1 in 5 such people said this was because they were concerned about the cost of glasses.
  • Prescriptions cover
    The Prescription Charges Coalition revealed that almost 30% of people take less than the prescribed dose of medications they pay for. 43% of such people said that this was due to the cost.
  • Physiotherapy to help support musculoskeletal issues
    One of the most common causes of workplace absences is down to musculoskeletal issues.
    Cash towards private physiotherapy sessions can help your employees skip the long NHS waiting lists and obtain treatment sooner.

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