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Group Life Insurance

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A cover in place that provides financial support to those that are left behind should an employee die in service.

Group Life Insurance

Reassuring employees that their loved ones will be supported.

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What is Group Life Insurance?

Also known as Death in Service insurance, this cover is an employee benefit that pays out a lump sum payment to the family or next of kin of an employee that dies whilst employed within your organisation.

The lump sum is usually based on a multiple of the employees salary, for example two, three or four times their salary.

Why is Group Life Insurance important?

Surprisingly, not a lot of people have life cover. Around 36.7% of people have some sort of cover in place, which means a company paid cover is a desirable benefit.

Employees say Group Life Insurance is one of the top 5 benefits they would want their company to off, it is also one of the most simplest and cheapest insurance covers on the market.

Having and offering Group Life Insurance as an employee benefit can:

  • Attract and retain the best staff
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Reduce stress and related absenteeism

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What are the benefits to your employees?

One of the biggest benefits of Group Life Insurance is that employees will have a generous level of cover without having to go through underwriting.

Depending on the provider employees can benefit from a range of wellbeing services including bereavement counselling to help with their mental health following a loss.

This cover offers complete peace of mind by providing financial support in the form of a lump sum payout to the employees nominated beneficiaries. These can be used as they wish, whether is its towards funeral costs or towards the mortgage. The lump sum does not form part of the deceased’s estate and is therefore exempt from inheritance tax.

Some of the other benefits include:

  • Payout usually within 10 days of a claim
  • Additional support for the employees family in the event of a claim
  • No contribution from the employee as Group Life is not a Benefit in Kind

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Manage your business finances
Under current UK tax laws, your premiums usually qualify as an allowable business expense.

Offer your staff an appealing package
Your business can become more desirable than your competitors by including Group Life within your employee benefits package.

Help your employees provide for their loved ones
Your employees will feel valued and supported knowing that you will be leaving money behind for their loved ones.

Free cover limit
The insurance provider will cover the majority of your employees, up to a certain level of benefit, without needing to see their medical information.

This can greatly depend on the policy provider, however businesses can expect to benefit from mental health guidance and bereavement counselling for employees and their families which would provide practical and emotional support to help them deal with grief.

Some policies also include discounts to help employees stay fit and healthy with online workouts.

Life insurance from a working perspective is a cover that protects you for a certain amount of time and will pay out only if a claim is made whilst the employee was in service for the business.

Life assurance is a cover that will provide cover for the whole of life, meaning even if the employee has retired or is no longer working for the company and dies (assuming they have met their monthly payments) their beneficiaries will receive a payout.

Premiums for life assurance tend to be higher because a provider expects to make a pay-out at some point.

All members to be covered must be employees of the company.

Categories can be set up to provide different levels of cover which can be differentiated by things such as time served, level of responsibility, multiple of salary etc.

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Losing a loved one that may be the main earner in the house can bring about so many emotions. Emotions that you may not be ready to deal with and that’s why having a Group Life Insurance policy can help bring peace of mind to you and your employees.

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