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A policy designed to give financial peace of mind by means of income replacement at a time of prolonged illness or injury resulting in time away from work. Group Income Protection is an effective way for an employer to cover employee salaries for long term absenteeism.

Group Income Protection

Helping businesses support their employees through difficult times.

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What does Group Income Protection cover?

The most valuable asset to any business is the employees. But what happens when those employees are absent for prolonged periods of time? Your business may suffer due to slower or lower production rates, you may have increased salary expenses due to paying for temporary cover as well as the absent employee. This is where group income protection can help.

Group income protection insurance is not limited to a set list of conditions and with many insurers having very few standard exclusions and can help cover up to 80% of an employee’s monthly salary income after a deferred period of time offering both the employer and employee valuable financial support. it is considered the most comprehensive form of incapacity insurance available.

This type of insurance shares some properties with Group Critical Illness insurance, however there are a few differences. Click here to find out more.

How does Group Income Protection cover benefit my employees?

Trying to recover from a long term illness, or focusing on rehabilitation can be difficult enough without having the added stress of finances. Group income protection offers financial support to those employees to allow them to focus on getting well. The payout can help maintain those all important monthly expenditures such as rent and mortgage payments

From certain providers, this protection can also help fast track funded rehabilitation treatment such as physiotherapy and psychological treatment.

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What is not covered by Group Income Protection?

Even though the acceptance to provide cover is not limited to a list of conditions, there are a very few exclusions to group income protection policies claims, these include :

  • Self-inflicting injuries
  • Drug or alcohol misuse / abuse
  • Traveling to a country the Foreign Office has advised against, due to active conflict or epidemic.

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Income Protection Insurance policies aim to replace a portion of your income if you are unable to work due to sickness, illness or injury. The policy will provide a monthly income to help with financial commitments and essentials if you have an extended absence from work.

For most, having a busy life has become a normal thing to deal with. Thinking about or arranging financial protection can quite often be pushed to bottom of your employees lists.

Unless you are in that situation, you don’t usually think about how Long-term sickness can affect daily life. Employee’s may not be ready to deal with the emotional and physical challenges and potential financial issues, which could spiral out of control. benefits may be available when things go wrong, but these might not be as favourable or as comprehensive as we sometimes imagine.

That’s why as employers, it is important to offer that financial support so that your employees can focus on recovery in order to return to work sooner.

As long as employees are actively at work when the policy is set up, they will be covered in full up to their benefit limit.

If a successful claim is made, your insurance provider will pay an eligible employee using the PAYE system following a deferred period. It all depends on what terms you choose for your business. For example a benefit payment could be made after 13, 26 or even 52 weeks. This flexibility allows you to align the policy with your company’s sick pay arrangements.

With most group income providers you are able to set your own parameters.

Not all employees need to have the same level of cover, you can set up different categorises of employees, with each category having their own benefit structure.

People may choose to buy Income Protection Insurance for a number of reasons:

  • To protect their financial commitments if they usually rely on their monthly income to meet these.
  • If their occupation means they work in a high risk environment with higher rates of illness, injury or disability.
  • To protect their family’s future if they do not receive an income if they cannot work.
  • Need extra support in order to get back to work which is often provided by insurers.

Most people earn a regular monthly income and would struggle financially if they did not receive this. When looking into Income Protection Insurance you should consider the following:

  • Does your employer provide any financial support if you are off due to illness or injury?
  • Do you have any savings to help if you are unable to work, and would you want to use these?
  • Can you cover your current regular outgoings if you do not receive a monthly income?
  • Would you receive any support from the government if you could not work?

Providers will usually allow between 50% and 70% of your usual monthly income when you are working. 

Policies will have a deferment period of most commonly of 2 months which means you would have to be unable to work for 2 months or more in order to receive a pay-out.

You will receive the pay out each month for either a set period of time which you decided when setting up the policy, or until you pass away, the policy expires or you reach retirement age.

There are a number of different factors and variables which will affect the monthly premium:

  • Your Age – the younger you are when you take out a policy the lower your premiums will be.
  • Your Lifestyle – being a smoker or heavy drinker can increase premiums.
  • Your Job – certain jobs carry greater risks which means you may be more likely to make a claim – premiums are likely to be higher in this case.
  • Your Cover Level & Terms – the higher the percentage of your income you decide to cover the higher the premium will be, and likewise, the longer you want to be covered for will affect the premium
  • Your Health – any pre existing conditions may affect the premium

As of 31st May 2023, the monthly premium for a 40 year old non-smoking male office worker is around £35.00 for £1,500 per month cover. (Source: Ipipeline Broker Quoting System).

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How to choose the right
insurance provider?

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to taking out Group Income Protection, as there are a lot of insurance providers who offer this product.

With some policies you can gain access to a range of wellbeing services, with others an option to cover associated expenses such as pension scheme contributions.

We will discuss your business needs in detail to help narrow down the compatible providers to help you make the best choice.

What are the benefits to the employer?

  • Save on sick pay costs
  • Access to Early Intervention Teams who will help save time on managing absences
  • Support for dealing with employees rehabilitation
  • Helps to attract top talent when recruiting
  • Quick and easy to set up

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