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Most insurers will allow you to cancel your current policy at any point and will make any refund due, however, some insurers insist that Private Medical Insurance is a 12 month contract.

Switching to a new provider during your policy year may not be the best option for you and waiting until you near your renewal date may be better than switching straight away.

When switching insurers, a medical declaration will need to be completed – we can guide you through this process.

If you have an existing policy with an insurance provider, but want Personal Healthcare Management to become your Insurance brokers and to manage your policies, we will ask you to complete a Letter of Authority form, which will allow us to obtain all of your details from your current provider.

When you can make a claim depends on the type of policy you have. Most cash plan policies allow you to claim straight away, whereas Income Protection policies will usually have a deferred period.

For private medical insurance, if your medical condition is not pre existing then you should be able to claim straight away – the insurance company may request proof of this from your GP.

Speak directly to your provider or Personal Healthcare Management as your broker, as we will be able to help you understand what your policy covers and if a claim will be eligible.

No, the treatments you will be eligible for will be outlined in your policy.

If you’ve had any pre-existing conditions, then exclusions for those conditions may mean certain treatments would not be available to you.

Some treatments may also only be available from specific policies or providers, so if there is a treatment that you’d like to be covered for, we advise that you call and speak to one of our specialists who will explain the options available to you.

Most health insurance providers include a high level of cancer cover as standard as part of their policies.

Depending on your provider and the type of policy you acquire, you may have the option to increase or decrease this coverage depending on how important it is to you and your employees.

Generally, pre-existing conditions would not be covered, as the most common types of underwriting exclude them from cover.

There is a type of underwriting called Medical History Disregarded which would allow members to claim for pre-existing conditions – this type of underwriting is most common for groups of over 250 people,

To understand whether you would be covered, give us a call today so we can talk you through the different options.

No, as long as you are eligible to receive NHS treatment in the UK, having a private health insurance policy won’t affect your access to care through their services.

The NHS provides public healthcare to eligible individuals in the UK. The government funds their services, and the NHS determines the facilities, treatment options and medical personnel you have access to.

Private Health Insurance offers you access to private consultants, treatments, facilities and diagnostic tests. The speed in which you will be seen or treated privately will be considerably quicker than the NHS in most cases.

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